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"Alan Davidson is an absolute character and a huge ball of energy!  The man knows everyone and only takes projects he is passionate about - which means you get a publicist who is 100% obsessed with your project for the duration of your campaign.  He got me on the cover of magazines and newspapers, on TV on Channel 7's Morning Show, The Project, Sky News and what felt like a hundred other publications during our press tour.  Alan will be with you every step of the way and more thorough than you could possibly hope.  He makes everything so clear and straight forward you somehow end up relaxed throughout what should be a very high stress situation. I felt completely taken care of. The man rescued me.  My books have almost sold out, and I know it's almost completely thanks to him making the big splash for me on the Aussie media scene.  Thank you Alan - a true gentleman, exceptional publicist and a friend for life."

Kym Jackson - actress (NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds) and author of The Hollywood Survival Guide - For Aussie Actors
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Keith Austin's second novel, Snow, White has been published in the UK and Australia to critical acclaim ...


THE SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST said: “[Keith] Austin’s take on a fairytale you thought you knew is a chilling and involving read. The story is heartbreaking and sad in places, and horrific in others, making it a hard book to pigeonhole … John Creed is one of the most interesting characters to appear in YA fiction for a long time.”

WE LOVE THIS BOOK said: Snow, White is a different and disturbing read. Packed full of truly psychotic characters, grisly beasts and gruesome battles, this novel has the feel of a very, very bad dream. Definitely worth a look for fans of the morbid and macabre.

On ABC VICTORIA children’s and young adult book expert Sarah Mayor Cox said: This is fantastic … this will get boys sucked in to fairytales … gripping, fabulous, really scary characters, plot twists I didn’t see coming. (

FANTASY BOOK REVIEW said: It took a book like Snow, White to remind me just how good young adult fiction can be … If you are looking for a horror/fantasy book that blows all those Twilight clones out of the water then Snow, White is a book you should try.


“I was blown away. Honestly, I didn’t think, when receiving this book in the mail, that it would be so … wow … I’m still recoiling from the ending … the best of its kind. Keith Austin deserves to take his place, up there with Stephen King and Neil Gaiman.” 

Grymm is wonderfully entertaining, superbly imaginative and perfectly paced … but it is the larger-than-life characters which make this book a delight. They are the timeless, instinctive horror of fairy tales made flesh in a modern day setting, and they make for a genuinely scary story. David Lynch meets Brothers Grimm, and highly recommended.” 
INIS, the Children’s Books Magazine, Ireland

“This is unlike pretty much any other book I have read … I guess I will start off my saying that I absolutely loved it … if you like your stories to be darker than a city banker’s soul then GRYMM is for you. This book is one of those that really does need to be read to be believed, and I only wish I could come up with a more coherent way of describing it. Dark, macabre, bizarre, hilarious, chilling – none of those words are really enough …

Grymm is a very original tale peppered with the blackest of humour and some truly disturbing characters. Readers will identify with bickering teenagers Mina and Jacob as they try to make sense of the bizarre and frightening world they find themselves in. An entertaining and unusual horror story.” 
TEAMWORK  - Together we will achieve your goals
The convict women who arrived in Sydney in 1811 on the convict ship Friends are the focus of New Zealand author Elsbeth Hardie’s new book,  The Girl Who Stole Stockings. The result of seven years’ research, the factual account details the women’s crimes, their voyage to NSW and how they fared in the colony during the Macquarie era. There are 55 pages of largely primary sources and over 35 historic images that will be of interest to anyone interested in the convict history of NSW and Tasmania. The book is available at leading booksellers and online at www.friendsconvictship.com
ELSBETH HARDIE trained as a journalist and worked for The Press in Christchurch and an Auckland publishing company. She then went on to a career writing for business clients in London and Auckland. She has a public relations company and lives in Remuera, Auckland.
Published by Australian Teachers of Media Inc. $34.95rrp
Available at leading booksellers or online at www.friendsconvictship.com
Distributed by Dennis Jones and Associates
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Ray King has been and done many things – his mother described him as a bugger of a kid, he played Aussie Rules at Carlton Football Club; was a boxer in national service, an AFL central umpire in the days of the single umpire; an Australian Masters Cycling Champion, a single parent, did a ‘Brady Bunch’ and successfully brought two families together; he brought to the world the ubiquitous bag-in-box wine-cask; he rejuvenated a small, struggling-to-survive winery and turned it into one of the top three profit earners in the global wine industry. And he chaired the board of directors at St Kilda Football Club for seven years.

‘KING’S RUN’, is a tale of football wine and business, a rollicking, fun loving yarn covering more than seven decades.

What readers say ...

"I've just finished his [Ray's] book and am enormously impressed. I've ordered another three to give to execs of companies we are involved with. So many familiar issues with small cap boards! Also, the capital intensity issue being identified/ the pricing strategy and getting the team to rally to this. Great stuff. PS: Not just business- the book is a good read too!"
"What a beauty !!  Absolutely wonderful reading both in content and flow and full of wonderful insight to the happenings of the times ... it should be a text book for all wine studies both marketing and winemaking for it really puts the priorities in the right place every time."
 "It's pure gold for someone born in the 40s or 50s in rural or semi-rural Australia, and a must read for Gen X and Y who have always had flushing dunnies, Govt power and all the other luxuries of life. More potential than Hanging Rock, Croc Dundee and the Bastard from the Bush. How do I get the film rights? It will be a winner."
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